A message from founder of SARMA

Dear friend of Sarma,

My name is Sarmīte. When people ask me who I am, I get confused. I have so many roles and expectations for myself, and I often find it difficult to define myself. I've embraced various learned and borrowed identities over the years.

That's why I've decided to stand before you as a human being.

Yes, I am a person who embarked on the journey of studying nature and natural sciences at the age of 49. Nature is both my source of peace and energy. Within it, I find truth, power, beauty, mystery, magic, and adventure—everything that fascinates me resides in the natural world.

Author of Sarma's concept and products: Sarmīte Svikule, Certified Facial Care specialist.

Professional Beauty School: Completed in 2022

Facial Care Procedures and Accredited Program: In 2021, Sarmīte completed an in-depth course in professional cosmetics, which included participation in 24 online lectures for cosmetics enthusiasts and professionals.


  • In 2020, Sarmīte received certifications from the Health Inspectorate and the Association of Cosmetologists and Cosmetologists for the "Basic Course of Making Natural Cosmetics." Teacher was Sarmīte Kauliņa ( Author of the book "Let's prepare natural cosmetics".)

Knowledge Acquisition:

  • In 2019, Sarmīte acquired knowledge in the field of nature studies and plants from Dr. Vaira Kārkliņa, who holds a Doctorate in Pedagogical Sciences and serves as an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Natural and Engineering Sciences at the University of Liepāja. Sarmīte completed two modules of the adult informal education program at the "Green Lifestyle School", specifically the modules titled "Plant Lesson" and "Green Pharmacy."

Be healthy!


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