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Chamomile hydrolat 100ml

Chamomile hydrolat 100ml

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Chamomile hydrolat is a gentle and soothing skincare product suitable for soft and fair skin. It effectively calms inflammation, relieves itching and redness, and provides relief for sunburn and minor skin injuries. This natural tonic can also be used after shaving to refresh and tone the skin. Incorporate chamomile hydrolat into your skincare routine to improve moisture levels, promote a balanced complexion, and enhance your overall well-being. Spray it on clean skin throughout the day, even over makeup. Enjoy the pure and natural benefits of 100% chamomile hydrolat.
  • Handmade

Ingredients: Made from 100% distilled Chamomile, ensuring its pure and concentrated form. This high-quality ingredient provides the remarkable benefits of its natural properties, offering you a premium skincare experience.

How to use: simply spray it onto clean face, neck, and décolleté skin in the morning and throughout the day as desired. It can be used as a refreshing mist or toner to hydrate and revitalize the skin. You can also spray it over makeup.

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