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Men's Anti-Aging Hydrolat 100ml

Men's Anti-Aging Hydrolat 100ml

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Experience the power of our Men's Anti-Aging Hydrolat, specially crafted to combat the signs of aging. This potent formula combines antioxidant-rich ingredients with a high concentration of vitamin C.

This powerful formula fights wrinkles, spots, and loss of firmness while moisturizing, tightening, and toning the skin. It also helps to even out the complexion, restore hydration, and energize the skin, providing an instant refreshment that lasts all day.

Embrace the power of our Men's Anti-Aging Hydrolat and unveil youthful and revitalized skin.

  • Handmade

Ingredients: Our unique blend includes pine, sage, and rose extracts, known for their beneficial properties.

How to use: Spray this invigorating hydrolat throughout the day to refresh and hydrate your skin. It is also suitable for use after shaving, providing a soothing and rejuvenating effect.

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